venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

Integrated Development Environment

There are very many tools that you may want to use for programming in your favourite language.
I will suggest some, that i found really very much helpful.

Since we're going to program with Java, the main IDEs available on line are in my opinion:
Icon di netbeans
  • Netbeans
    current version (at the date of writing) 7.2 with a 7.3 beta version available
    You can find Netbeans here:

Icon di Eclipse

Both runs on Mac OS systems, Windows and linux based OS (mostly Debian distro derived like Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc etc)

Personally i like more Netbeans, don't ask me why because it would take too long to be explained.
For the purpose of programming for the web, testing or learning a new technology i suggest Netbeans in its full version (which supports also other programming languages like c/c++..).
Furthermore Netbeans come along with:
  • Glassfish server version 3.1.2 (may vary)
  • Apache Tomcat 7.0.27 (may vary)
Anyhow there will be some things that, for the sake of semplicity, we will do using Eclipse!
For the purpose of showing how does some technology works we will explain in another post how to install and configure JBoss which is another server Java EE compliant as Glassfish is.

Theese are the tools we're going to use. You will choose the Environment that you like more.
I think that an IDE helps a lot for programming, and simplify the life of programmers but you can still write code using:
  • gedit
  • notepad++
for example and feel to compile a part and run programs through the shell as well.

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