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Installing and configuring JBoss

As you may have noticed if you installed Netbeans (the full version) as IDE, you have also installed the latest version of tomcat and the latest version of glassfish.
For many of you thoose servers may be enought to start writing code, and testing the available technologies.

With this post we will explain you how to install a new server: JBoss AS 7, that for many of you may be already a know resource, but for other may be a new one.

This server that will be installed is Java EE compliant, as glassfish is (remember that Tomcat is not), and is provided by JBoss (

So let's start.

1) Install latest version of JBoss AS (7 currently, at the time of the post writing).

Instruction for doing so can be found here for those who use Windows OS

for the others who use Linux based systems or MacOS,+Unix+or+Mac+OS+X

We installed JBoss on windows 7, Mac Os 10.6 and Ubuntu 10.10 and the lastest Linux Mint (at writing time), it is working perfectly without any problem.

RECAP OF INSTALLING: unzip and choose a folder where to place it. That place will be - inside the jboss 7.1.x - the home for the server.

At this point you have JBoss AS 7 installed.

2) Configure IDE

For the sake of semplicity we'll use Eclipse for which there are the latest updates available coming directly from the jboss comunity (i have to say that personally i like more NetBeans - that atm does not support JBAS7).
Once you have eclipse installed follow the steps described here
(Section is "Installation from update site")

that said, continue with this steps to set up and use Jboss with eclipse

once you have finished this step your job is done.
You have successfully configured eclipse to use your jboss server.

Enjoy your server!

Ps: Note that the server provided in this way is suitable only for testing and building application to run on your localhost, for configuring your server in order to accept connection not only from localhost please check out this post

EDIT: update on 10th april 2013. Tested on Mac OS 10.8.3. Working successfully!

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